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Small Art8 Offering The finest Vacation Rental And Full-Time Lease Properties in the San Bernardino Mountains. So you want to take a vacation and are considering Lake Arrowhead? Great choice!Staff 2017

Not only does the Lake Arrowhead area boast beautiful tree-covered vistas and fresh air, there are a myriad of ways to relax and unwind from the worries you will leave behind in the valley below. Lake Arrowhead Village is situated in the middle of the Lake Arrowhead mountain communities. And it is there, on the upper level, overlooking the lake, that you will find the friendly, knowledgeable staff at Arrowhead Property.

Colorado DestinationWe offer great rentals for virtually everyone –folks who just want to get away for a few days to a week or more of solitude, or anyone who wants to bring a group of revelers to enjoy water sports, hiking trails and outlet shopping. Lake Arrowhead is a safe, secure community that cherishes family values and old-fashioned fun. So stash the remote controls and head up to the hill. Whether you take Highway 330 or the 18, you will not just enjoy the destination–but the entire journey.

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