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Lake Arrowhead Summer Concert Series 2017

2017 Lake Arrowhead Free Summer Concert Series Schedule Concerts held from 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

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April in Lake Arrowhead – All about Fishing

If you are an angler who would enjoy a great day of fishing without the often-associated hours-drive on either end, book a vacation place in Lake Arrowhead and spend a day or two at either of these streams!

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What to Do in Lake Arrowhead in 2015

Book a vacation, so you and your family can take advantage of beautiful views, fresh mountain air and plenty of exciting activities. Anytime of the year, vacationing in Lake Arrowhead is fun and affordable. Whether you’re looking to spend a single night of luxury with 20 of your closest friends with a gourmet kitchen or would prefer to stay in a modest cabin for several days, weeks or months.

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The Beauty of Lake Arrowhead: Come up for Air

In Lake Arrowhead, the air is fresh. So you’ll be able to avail yourself of great outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, walking trails, shopping, picnicking, and people-watching.

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