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Plan Your Spring Vacation Now!

Spring Vacation Arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead Spring Break
While most of the country is digging out after the recent bomb cyclone, in Southern California, where Arrowhead Property Rental is located, the weather remains warm and bright. We have yet to face major snowstorms in 2018. But, even as we look ahead to snow play and other winter activities such as tobogganing, downhill skiing and snow-boarding, the first signs of spring have started to arrive on the mountain. Birds are singing and flowers are already starting to bloom. Not only is it a lovely sight to behold; it’s an invitation that it’s never too early to start planning your spring vacation. Read More

Southern California: Where to Go Skiing and Play in the Snow

Snow Play Lake Arrowhead
Did you know that even if you live in Southern California, exciting snow-filled winter adventure awaits? All you need to do is drive to Lake Arrowhead. Whether you’re an expert snow boarder or an adept downhill skier, or even if you prefer tamer, low-impact winter activities such as inner-tubing, tobogganing and playing in the snow, snow-filled fun is just a short drive away. Read More

Spend Thanksgiving in Lake Arrowhead

Thanksgiving in Lake Arrowhead
Gathering with the ones you love in front of a beautifully appointed table filled with delicious food makes a beautiful Thanksgiving picture. But imagine how much lovelier the scene would be if the weather matched the season? Last November, So Cal temperatures were so high, they broke records. Although we don’t yet know where the thermometer will land on turkey day this year, you can rest assured that the Lake Arrowhead area will be a good 10-20 degrees cooler than the valley below – brimming with the sights and smells of autumn. There’s still time to book a Thanksgiving holiday in Lake Arrowhead through Arrowhead Property Rental.    Read More

What to do in Southern California in October


get well soonOur thoughts and prayers go out to Lake Arrowhead resident and owner of Diane’s Grill at the Saddleback Inn, Diane Hill, who was seriously injured during the recent Las Vegas shooting.

hello October word abstrtact in wood type

Did you know there is a place in Southern California where fall leaves change color, a cool breeze ushers in October and picturesque forests, mountains and meadows call your name?  Located just about an hour or two outside the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, Lake Arrowhead offers chilly outdoor temperatures and provide the perfect backdrop to celebrate autumn. Read More

What to do in Lake Arrowhead in September

Welcome to September vector background.In most Southern California cities, temperatures remain in the 80’s, 90’s and 100’s. So, it’s hard for most people to wrap their heads around the concept that fall has begun. Not so in Lake Arrowhead – where residents and visitors enjoy autumn leaves, cool temps and lots of fun fall activities. Read More

Lake Arrowhead in August

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“Hair gets lighter, skin gets darker
Water gets warmer, drinks get colder
Music gets louder, life gets better.”

Since August is the Sunday of Summer, season 2017 is nearly in the books. We hope you’ve had a wonderful summer so far. But don’t stow those swimsuits and waterskies just yet. Make plans for one final hurrah – with a vacation to Lake Arrowhead! Read More

How to Beat Southern California Heat

Southern California Heat WaveMillions of people choose to live in sunny So Cal because of idyllic weather. But, let’s face it; in the middle of summer, in and around LA, the heat can be downright oppressive. Consider these recent headlines:

Read More

Lake Arrowhead Summer Concert Series 2017

Sound and lighting desk at an outdoor festival concertIf you live in or around the Lake Arrowhead area and like music, you are probably already a diehard fan of the free concert series offered in Lake Arrowhead Village each summer. For 2017, you can rest assured the best things about the concerts remain unchanged. Read More

Lake Arrowhead Vacation Property Management

property management displayed on tablet pc

Part 2 of a 2-Part Series

Three homeowner questions:

Do you own property in the Lake Arrowhead area that you would like to rent out this summer?

Do you wonder about appropriate rates to charge and how to get the word out?

Do you need help setting up boundaries for rental guests?

If you answered, “yes” to any of the above, here is a little advice about letting your Lake Arrowhead vacation property. Hire one of the best property management companies on the hill – Arrowhead Property Rental (APR). In part one of this short vacation rental series, we covered the reasons vacationers should rent properties through a professional property management company. In this post, part two of our series, we will address the reasons local property owners should take advantage of our skills and experience before renting their home unassisted, or through an internet app. Read More

Rent Vacation Property in Lake Arrowhead

Real estate concept. Realtor is passing keys to the client sitting behind desk on blurred background.Part 1 of a 2-Part Series

Two summer travel questions:

Do you plan to spend any time in the San Bernardino Mountains this summer?

 Are you going on vacation to the Lake Arrowhead area this year?

Do you plan to rent out your Lake Arrowhead vacation property this summer?  

If you answered, “yes” to any of the above queries, here is a little advice: whether you plan to spend the day in Lake Arrowhead Village, stay in a short-term rental, or list your Lake Arrowhead vacation property, we suggest you use one of the best property management companies on the hill – Arrowhead Property Rental (APR). In this two-part series, we will cover the reasons you should go through Arrowhead Property Rental – whether you are a mountain vacationer or local property owner. Read More