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July Vacation to Lake Arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead Shoreline

July Lake Arrowhead VacationHave you been feeling worn out with your daily commute? Are you easily irritated with those around you? Does life seem like a monotonous grind stretching out before you? If so, you probably desperately need of a vacation. Research shows that Americans take fewer vacation days than any other developed nation in the world. Read More

High Elevation Vacation

Lake Arrowhead Village

Mountain Elevation Lake ArrowheadSo, you’ve planned your Lake Arrowhead vacation and you’re excitedly planning for the trip. Make sure you take into account that Lake Arrowhead is located at over 5,100 feet above sea level. While you’re preparing to get away from the stress of the valley below, consider the change in altitude your body will face once you’ve ascended the hill.

Elevation MattersElevation Matters Hiking Lake Arrowhead

Many elite athletes choose to train on the mountain because the higher elevation increases race-day endurance. So, even if you stay fit, your body may need time to adjust. If possible, resist the temptation to plan vigorous activities at the start of your vacation. Give your body a chance to adjust. That fantastic hike, or water skiing, will still be there waiting for you when you’re ready to face the challenge. Read More

Lake Arrowhead Creature Feature

Racoons Lake Arrowhead

California Scrub JayAs warm days replace the bracing cold of fall, Lake Arrowhead critters emerge from their winter slumber to celebrate spring. Lake Arrowhead houses a wide variety of forest birds and animals.

Steller’s Jay
One commonly-spotted bird in the Lake Arrowhead mountains is the Steller’s Jay. This bright blue bird has a black, crested head. Among the noisiest birds on the mountain, these proud blue and black birds sit on deck railings or adjacent trees.
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Lake Arrowhead Summer Concert Series 2019

Music Lake Arrowhead Summer 2019

Lake Arrowhead Summer Concert SeriesRegardless of whether the weather decides to cooperate, spring has sprung in Lake Arrowhead. And that means it’s time to start making summer vacation plans. Since Lake Arrowhead is a popular summertime getaway, rentals quickly fill up. As you plan your mountain summertime vacation, consider the annual freeLake Arrowhead Concert Series. Concerts begin on May 11thand continue every weekend through September 7th. Bring a lawn chair and pick a spot on the grass for free. Or, you may wish to purchase reserved seating. Once you’ve decided which shows you want to enjoy, click here to book a vacation rental so you can make it a memorable event! Read More

History of Lake Arrowhead Village

Early History of Lake Arrowhead Village

Lake Arrowhead Village Arrowhead Property Rental
A trip to Lake Arrowhead includes an exciting car ride, winding your way up Hwy 18 (to Hwy 189) as it twists and turns around sheer drop-offs and under soaring pine trees. Your efforts will be rewarded with breathtaking vistas at every turn. The gem of Lake Arrowhead is Lake Arrowhead Village, a shopping destination boasting over 50 shops and restaurants. The Village is nestled on the shores of its namesake, Lake Arrowhead. It quaint European-inspired center features idyllic views of the lake and surrounding mountains. The Village plays host to numerous events throughout the year, attracting more than three million visitors annually. Read More

History of Hortencia’s at the Cliffhanger

Arrowhead Property Rental Mountain Cabin

Hortencia's At Cliffhanger History
Founded in 1891, the idyllic town of Lake Arrowhead takes its name from an arrowhead-shaped rock formation at the base of the mountain. You can still see the namesake as you ascend Highway 18 from San Bernardino. Throughout its history, various people groups have called the mountain home. Some of their landmark structures withstood the ravages of snow and wind and remain active to this day. One of the most iconic of these buildings is The Cliffhanger Restaurant (currently known as Hortencia’s at the Cliffhanger). Read More

6 Lake Arrowhead Winter Activities

Winter vacation Lake Arrowhead Property Rental

lake arrowhead winterMany people don’t realize it snows in Southern California. But snowfall is a regular occurrence in the San Bernardino Mountains. In fact, we’ve already had several snows already this season and look forward to welcoming even more. When sparkling snow covers the pine trees, Lake Arrowhead is particularly picturesque – perfect for a mountain getaway. Book a winter vacation today because, when you arrive, there will be plenty of fun wintertime activities to enjoy:
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8 Ways Vacation Rentals Beat Hotels

hotel vs rental property

Travelers overwhelmingly prefer vacation rentals over hotels. In fact, USA Today reports: “Vacation rentals continue to surge in popularity, as travelers increasingly seek to live like locals.” Here at Arrowhead Property Rental, we understand the phenomenon. Here are eight reasons why:

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Holiday Shopping in Lake Arrowhead

Christmas Shopping Lake ArrowheadCan you believe that the holidays are here? For many of us, the season ushers in guilty pleasures – like watching Hallmark Christmas movies. Inevitably, the impossibly gorgeous cast pales in comparison to the idyllic locals. While the main characters stroll through charming little villages, all decked out for Christmas, the romantic in us longs for a similar experience. With our first snowfall of the season in the books, even though we may not be able to promise a “kiss under the mistletoe” like Hallmark, we can offer a picturesque holiday shopping experience.

Known as “the Alps of Southern California,” Lake Arrowhead Village was built in the 20’s with a picturesque Nordic-style feel. Today, the Village is home to over 50 shops and restaurants, ranging from outlets to specialized boutiques, making it the perfect spot for checking off your holiday gift list. So you won’t just find one-of-kind items at specialty shops but can discover deals that rival or beat anything offered in the snow-free valley below.Swiss Alps of So Cal Lake Arrowhead

Here are a few ideas offered by the many shops Lake Arrowhead Village:


Christmas Shop Winter Clothing Lake ArrowheadIf you have a fashionista on your list, you may want to pick up a flowy top from Sondra’s/Tattle Tales, which offers stylishly unique women’s and truly adorable baby clothing. Or, perhaps a preppy sweater and button-down top from the Van Heusen outlet store would suit your more tailored friends and family members? Or think of the person on your list who is always chilly? They will love a cozy wool shirt from Pendleton Woolen Mills. Pop into Jockey to pick up matching Christmas Eve PJ’s for your entire family.

AccessoriesHoliday Gift Ideas Lake Arrowhead

The Coach outlet store always has great sales, allowing you to bring home a gorgeous new bag or wallet. With additional discounts available on many clearance items, the outlet offers more options than you would find online. Maybe you want to extend your Hallmark moment by presenting your loved one with a piece from Alpine Jewelers? For the tweens on your list, Claire’s is a popular choice.

Food and Drink

Hot Cocoa Holiday GiftStop into The Grapevine and scoop up a rare beer or bottle of wine for the connoisseur on your list. By the pound or piece, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is a chocoholic’s holiday dream. The tea or coffee fanatic on your list, are sure to appreciate a bag from The Tea and Coffee Exchange, and you’ll want to grab yourself a peppermint hot cocoa to languidly sip as you shop, the sounds of Christmas music floating gently through the air.


Mr. G’s is every bit the charming classic “Hallmark” toy store, with a diverse inventory, sure to please all the little munchkins on your list.Mr. G's Toys Lake Arrowhead Christmas Shopping 2018

Your Own Hallmark Moment

Although we touched on just a few, Lake Arrowhead offers a wide variety of shops, all filled with ideal Christmas presents for nearly everyone on your list. What are you waiting for? Bundle up in your red coat and scarf. Don’t forget the fluffy white vegan fur hat! And shop!

About Arrowhead Property Rental

LLake Arrowhead Christmas VacationWhether you’re looking to spend two nights of luxury with 20 of your closest friends, or you’d prefer to stay in a modest cabin, at Arrowhead Property Rental in Lake Arrowhead, California, whatever your “Hallmark dream” is, we offer lodging to fit all tastes and budgets.  For individuals, couples, families and groups, with stays of days, weeks, or months, we have what you need — all at great prices, with unbelievable amenities. Check out the possibilities. Holiday rentals fill up quickly. Don’t delay. Book today.

Fall for a Lake Arrowhead Vacation

Lake Arrowhead how to pack Autumn VacationWith trees displaying a beautiful array of autumn colors and crisp and mild weather ushering azure skies, Lake Arrowhead is an ideal destination for a Southern California fall getaway. Whether you’re planning a quick weekend vacation or a large Thanksgiving family reunion, follow these helpful packing tips to make the most of your trip to the San Bernardino Mountains. Read More