Long-Term Rentals: Top 10 Concerns Addressed

Long Term Rentals Lake Arrowhead

Long Term Rental Property Lake Arrowhead
Have you ever considered renting out your home? Perhaps you have a second home, which sits vacant most of the year. Have you been too nervous to pursue turning it into a rental property? Or has a recent life change led you to consider turning your previous home into a rental/investment property? Here are a few reasons you may want to make the jump from property owner to landlord:

  1. If you’ve owned your home for a while, renting is a great way to generate extra cash flow. Cash Flow Long Term Rentals
  2. Your rental home could provide you with a financial “cushion,” giving you the opportunity to sell at market highs or move back in at some point in the future.
  3. The transition from using a property as your primary residence to serving as a landlord may be easier if you decide to take things one lease-period at a time. This would leave you free to reevaluate your decision if you get second thoughts. No need to fear you’ll have to rent your house in perpetuity. This should give you a certain degree of peace moving forward.
    Long Term Rentals Retirement Planning
  4. If you are financially able, renting your home can set you up for a comfortable retirement.
  5. Wise investments of the monthly rental payments (or even direct-depositing profit-after-expenses into an interest-bearing bank account) can add up to savings that provide you with the retirement of your dreams.
  6. Property values are expected to continue to climb. So, this means that the value of your home will increase, while your tenant helps pay off your mortgage.
  7. If your home is located in a tourist area (like beautiful Lake Arrowhead), you’re lucky enough to have the option of renting it over a long or short-term season. Long Term Rentals Lake Arrowhead
  8. Some four million people visit Lake Arrowhead each year. Many returning frequently, hoping to eventually make a permanent move up the hill.
  9. If you’ve been mulling over the possibilities and have decided that you’d prefer the stability of a long-term rental, it may encourage you to hear that 2-bedroom rentals in Lake Arrowhead command between $1,200-$1,500 monthly rent. Long Term Rental Cash Flow
  10. Maybe, despite how appealing this sounds, you remain nervous about the thought of becoming a landlord? You are wise to consider that prospect. This is where a property management company can step in, alleviating those worries and providing you with security and peace of mind. Click here to read the details about everything Arrowhead Property Rental does for our property owners.

We handle everything: from advertising your property, to collecting the security deposit and monthly rents, to keeping you apprised about necessary repairs, as well as providing you with all the necessary year end statements and tax forms. We walk through the process with you step-by-step. We make it our goal to ensure owner satisfaction. And make renting out your property as simple and stress-free as it can be for you. Give us a call. We’d love to go over your questions and offer expert recommendations.Hand writing the text: Struggling to Manage And Promote Your Properties?

About Arrowhead Property Rental

Arrowhead Property Rental offers a variety of vacation and long-term rentals. We’d love to help you turn your home into a fantastic rental property. At Arrowhead Property Rental in Lake Arrowhead, California, we offer lodging to fit all tastes and budgets. For individuals, couples, families and groups, with stays of days, weeks, or months, we have what you need — all at great prices, with unbelievable amenities. We’d love to address any questions or concerns you may have. Don’t delay. Call today.

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