High Elevation Vacation

Lake Arrowhead Village

Mountain Elevation Lake ArrowheadSo, you’ve planned your Lake Arrowhead vacation and you’re excitedly planning for the trip. Make sure you take into account that Lake Arrowhead is located at over 5,100 feet above sea level. While you’re preparing to get away from the stress of the valley below, consider the change in altitude your body will face once you’ve ascended the hill.

Elevation MattersElevation Matters Hiking Lake Arrowhead

Many elite athletes choose to train on the mountain because the higher elevation increases race-day endurance. So, even if you stay fit, your body may need time to adjust. If possible, resist the temptation to plan vigorous activities at the start of your vacation. Give your body a chance to adjust. That fantastic hike, or water skiing, will still be there waiting for you when you’re ready to face the challenge.

Hydration StationMountain Elevation Water Lake Arrowhead

Higher elevations tend to be dry. Drink lots of water. And limit alcohol intake the first day or two. When your blood has reduced access to oxygen, the effects of alcohol become more pronounced. Thicker moisturizers may prove beneficial, as well. If your plans include hikes, bring plenty of water and hydrating foods.

Wellness Matters

  • If you have an ear infection or sinus issues, before you begin your ascent up our gorgeous mountain roads, insert ear plugs and chew gum. These will offset the discomfort of “plugged up” ears. This is especially helpful while traveling with children. If your baby sucks on a pacifier, give it to them as you head up the mountain.
    Chew Gum Elevation Lake Arrowhead
  • Some people experience nosebleeds at higher elevations. Combat this by applying a salve, such as Bag Balm or Vaseline, to the inside your nostrils.
  • At higher elevations, the sun’s rays tend toward higher concentration. Although our magnificent pines offer tons of shade and beauty, protect yourself with consistent use of sunglasses and sunscreen.Higher Elevation Sunburn Lake Arrowhead

Relax & Unwind

Most people go on vacation to relax and recharge. The higher elevation of Lake Arrowhead often invites visitors to nap. Whether you need the encouragement or not, we recommend you use this vacation (and clean mountain air) as a reset. So, don’t be surprised if you nap on the hill more often than when you’re stuck in the daily grind. Indulge yourself. Take that nap. Read a book. Enjoy the tremendous benefits of all that rest, relaxation, and peace, Nap Hammock Lake Arrowheadon a higher level.

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