Lake Arrowhead Creature Feature

Racoons Lake Arrowhead

California Scrub JayAs warm days replace the bracing cold of fall, Lake Arrowhead critters emerge from their winter slumber to celebrate spring. Lake Arrowhead houses a wide variety of forest birds and animals.

Steller’s Jay
One commonly-spotted bird in the Lake Arrowhead mountains is the Steller’s Jay. This bright blue bird has a black, crested head. Among the noisiest birds on the mountain, these proud blue and black birds sit on deck railings or adjacent trees.
California Scrub Jay

  • California Scrub Jay
    Among the friendliest mountain birds is the California Scrub Jay. These birds look similar to Steller’s Jays, but lack the crested head and larger size. Curious and friendly creatures, many gladly take peanuts from mountain visitor and resident’s hands.
  • Ducks
    Mallard Ducks Lake ArrowheadNumerous mallard ducks and geese call the lake home. Purchase small bags of very affordable duck food at several shops in the Village. When you spread the bounty over Lake Arrowhead, the area ducks and geese will heartily and noisily express their gratitude.
  • WoodpeckersWoodpeckers Lake Arrowhead
    Woodpeckers, although adorable, damage cabins and trees. These busy birds bore holes into trees and buildings, which they fill with acorns for later use.
  • Bald Eagles
    Bald Eagle Lake ArrowheadPerhaps the most popular of all our birds, is our nation’s mascot, the Bald Eagle. Several make Lake Arrowhead home when it comes to mating and nesting. Bird watchers come from all around to observe these magnificent predators. The Forest Service conducts a yearly count, to track numbers. Outdoor enthusiasts are welcome to join in after completing a brief orientation.
  • Grey SquirrelsGrey Squirrel Lake ArrowheadAlthough previously quite prevalent, mange all but decimated the entire grey squirrel population. Finally starting to make a comeback, watching their fluffy-plumed chattering antics offers affordable entertainment.Racoons Lake Arrowhead
  • Masked Bandits
    Thousands of raccoons call Lake Arrowhead home, although they don’t do so with words. Whether you consider them annoying pests, or adorable little bandits, most of the masked animals help themselves to open trash cans and unguarded pet bowls.
  • Ground SquirrelsGround Squirrel Lake Arrowhead
    Fairly common, chipmunks and ground squirrels serve as the bane of many a mountain gardener’s existence. These nut-hunters are fairly common on the hill – especially in neighborhoods in the warm Banana Belt (Arrowhead Woods’ warmer side of the mountain.)
  • CoyotesCoyotes Lake ArrowheadA host of coyotes make their home in the mountains (although we also increasingly see them in the foothills, below). Generally, coyote behavior is timid, so you should be okay if one crosses your path, as long as you resist the urge to approach.
  • Big CatsMountain Lion Perched on Tree Limb Lake Arrowhead
    Lake Arrowhead is home to mountain lions and cougars. But these creatures are pretty elusive, preferring to stick close to uninhabited areas of the mountain than in rural neighborhoods.

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