History of Lake Arrowhead Village

Early History of Lake Arrowhead Village

Lake Arrowhead Village Arrowhead Property Rental
A trip to Lake Arrowhead includes an exciting car ride, winding your way up Hwy 18 (to Hwy 189) as it twists and turns around sheer drop-offs and under soaring pine trees. Your efforts will be rewarded with breathtaking vistas at every turn. The gem of Lake Arrowhead is Lake Arrowhead Village, a shopping destination boasting over 50 shops and restaurants. The Village is nestled on the shores of its namesake, Lake Arrowhead. It quaint European-inspired center features idyllic views of the lake and surrounding mountains. The Village plays host to numerous events throughout the year, attracting more than three million visitors annually.

A Brief History of Lake ArrowheadEarly History of Lake Arrowhead Village

The locale was named after an arrowhead-shaped rock formation at the base of Hwy 18. In 1920, The Arrowhead Lake Company developed the area, with an eye toward creating a resort community. The owners divided the land into plots for homes, as well as a hotel, movie theater, the Village, and businesses. The Arrowhead Lake Company adopted Norman-style architecture, which the Village retains to this day. Lake Arrowhead drew many Hollywood stars who flocked to the area to vacation and purchase homes. Its relative proximity to Hollywood also made the San Bernardino Mountain community idyllic for films.

Lake Arrowhead ResortResort Community

Lake Arrowhead thrived as a resort community until World War II, when tourism dwindled. Over the years, the Village (and surrounding neighborhoods) changed hands several times. Eventually, the mountain shopping location fell into disrepair.

In the 1970’s a new group of investors purchased Lake Arrowhead Village, determined to revive through renovation. Unfortunately, builders cold not salvage many of the buildings. So, the fire department conducted a term they coined: “Burn to Learn.” During this training exercise, every structure was burned multiple times. The only exception was the dance studio, which remains standing and in use to this day.Lake Arrowhead Village Burn to Learn

New Lease on Lake Arrowhead Life

Owners opened the newly renovated Lake Arrowhead Village in 1981. Using the old dance studio as a guide, the new buildings echo the same Norman esthetic of the original Village. But the new Village is 10 times larger than the original.

Currently, the old dance studio (and iconic landmark) houses Papagayo’s Mexican Restaurant and Cantina and Big on Bears, a children’s clothing boutique. Nearby, Center Stage hosts a free annual concert series, as well as Oktoberfest, and many other events.

Lake Arrowhead FootprintExisting Footprint

Currently, Lake Arrowhead Village features a variety of shops, outlet stores, restaurants, and even a miniature golf/kiddy park, Lollipop Park. Dog- and family-friendly, Lake Arrowhead is a truly gorgeous locale that offers modern amenities with an old world vibe.

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