April Flowers

Flowers Bouquet Lake Arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead April Flowers

“There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever.”
~ Elizabeth Lawrence 

While you’re on vacation this year, make sure you take time to smell the flowers. While people disagree about the origin of the phrase, and even whether specific types of flowers were referenced, few would argue the meaning – that it’s important to pause to enjoy life. And what better time to do that than while on vacation and what better place to vacation than in and among the beautiful flowers fragrantly blooming in and around Lake Arrowhead?Lake Arrowhead in April

Lake Arrowhead Flora

Whatever flowers you prefer, you will undoubtedly discover something that tickles your fancy. In a previous post, we discussed San Bernardino Mountain fauna, including the myriad varieties of birds you’ll be able to watch when you visit the Lake Arrowhead area. This time around, we wanted to focus exclusively on blooms: 

Daffodils Lake Arrowhead FlowersDaffodils

While the formal daffodil garden in Running Springs no longer formally entertains tourists, daffodils pop up all over the mountain, since they thrive in sun, partial sun and shade in warm, high-altitude climates. These gorgeous harbingers of spring feature rumpled trumpets which come in white, cream, yellow, orange and pink. Daffodils are ideal for naturalizing in meadows, wooded areas or near ponds and streams. Since they are annuals, they pop up reliably year-after-year and (good news for mountain dwellers and visitors) are naturally resistant to deer.

Daylilies Lake Arrowhead Lilies

Growing quickly and living long, these perennials thrive on the hill because they aren’t picky about soil type and enjoy sun or shade. What’s more, they are rarely troubled by insects or disease. Like the mountain folk who plant them, daylilies are known for their toughness. But their big, colorful flowers dazzle, blooming from midsummer into early fall, with new blossoms opening each day.

Dogwoods Lake Arrowhead FlowersDogwoods

If you’ve never driven on Kuffel Canyon Road in the  spring, you’re in for a treat. Dogwoods line most of the canyon, creating a beautiful and fragrant landscape you won’t want to miss. Although technically blooming trees, dogwood flowers are popular all over the world, with native varieties in America, Europe, and even Japan. Some botonists believe the tree was called the Dogwood because the wind blowing the branches together sounds like a dog barking. Another reason could be the fact that people often treat skin conditions (including dogs who have mange), by boiling the wood and washing their pets in the gray-wood-soaked water.

Hibiscus Hibiscus Flowers Lake Arrowhead

Known for their large, colorful flowers, these blossoms make a decorative addition to dozens of Lake Arrowhead home or gardens. And they also come in handy for several medicinal uses. For example, the flowers and leaves can be made into teas and liquid extracts, which can treat a variety of conditions, including stomach upset, high blood pressure, bacterial infections and fever. Some recommend the flowers for help with weight loss and cancer.

Lake Arrowhead Flowers HydrangeasHydrangeas

The recent explosion in Hydrangea-breeding has brought exciting new flower forms to this easy-to-grow shrub! Once considered quite choice, certain varieties are now widely available, including Lake Arrowhead Village. These flowers are produced from early spring to late autumn and grow at the ends of the stems. Typically, the flower heads contain two types of flowers: small non-showy flowers in the center or interior of the flower head, and large, showy flowers with large colorful petals.

Lake Arrowhead Flowers RosesRoses

Some believe the original saying to “take time to smell the flowers” referred specifically to roses. That makes sense, since few would argue the beautiful aroma of a rose is matched only by its gorgeous color. You’ll find bedrock of gardens in residential and commercial landscapes across Lake Arrowhead. In every case, the rose is as versatile as it is showy. Roses come in numerous colors, from white to pink to lavender, and in many forms – from compact groundcover and mini-floras to mid-sized shrubs, hybrid teas, and floribundas, to towering climbers.

Lake Arrowhead Flowers SalviaSalvias

Also known as sage, these blooms, which are native to North America, make great ground cover, and come in virtually every color palette you can imagine. As you tour the Lake Arrowhead area, you’ll see salvia in shades of red, purple, pink and orange on hiking trails as well as commercial gardens.

“The amen of nature is always a flower.”

~Oliver Wendell HolmesFlowers Bouquet Lake Arrowhead

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