Picking that Lake Arrowhead Vacation Dream Home – Five Essential Tips

Get away from it all in Lake Arrowhead.

Get away from it all. Go to Lake Arrowhead.

You’ve picked your destination and decided on a fun trip to Lake Arrowhead. The next thing on your vacation “to do” list is to choose the perfect place to rent while you’re away, so you can relax and unwind.

Follow these five tips for finding a vacation home, and you will be perfectly positioned to find the ideal vacation rental property:

  1. Match your needs to the property. This sounds simple, but it’s an essential step for finding the perfect rental. All you need to do is match your wish list and budget to available properties.

  • For example, do you need a place that sleeps 10? Don’t stop at counting bedrooms. Check the number of beds in the property. Many owners wisely make the most of their rentals, with convertible features that may not be immediately apparent.

  • Are you planning on hiking during your stay? Search for properties that are located near trailheads.

  • Do you love the water? A lakefront house within walking distance to the Village is one option. This time of year a Lake View home will allow you to feast your eyes on the splendor of Lake Arrowhead.Nature - autumn landscape.

  1. Examine pictures carefully. Pictures can tell a thousand words, so look closely at pictures of the rental property. You’ve found a red flag if the listing description says “modern and bright” but the décor is from the 1970’s and you barely see any windows. Pictures can help gauge the overall condition of the rental and how much space you have to stretch out after a long day enjoying the sights.

  1. Confirm the internet connection. If you plan on enjoying a working vacation, don’t forget to check about the availability of Wi-Fi. In Lake Arrowhead, some homes are located in remote locations, without clear connections to cellphone towers. In such locations, streaming Netflix or playing online games won’t work. And this is a good thing, since the mountain offers plenty of activities that happen outdoors. You might actually enjoy spending time with family members who aren’t glued to their electronic devices. But rest assured that if you prefer (or need) to stay connected, you and your family will be able to do so without worrying. Lots of available properties feature LTE and flat screen TVs.

  1. Compute prices. As you check for available properties, be sure you match rates and dates. The same property may go for one rate during tourist season and another on the off-season. The total rates usually include tax, admin. fee and a refundable security deposit.

  1. Prepare to Relax. Before leaving for your trip, make sure you understand the way to pick up keys, enter and exit the property and rules for use. Answering these questions in advance will allow you to sit back and enjoy your Lake Arrowhead vacation.

Fotolia_53509762_XSAnytime of the year, vacationing in Lake Arrowhead is fun and affordable. But during the autumn, when the leaves are putting on a spectacular show, you can’t improve on the beauty of the San Bernardino Mountains. Whether you’re looking to spend a weekend of luxury with 10 of your closest friends with a gourmet kitchen or would prefer to stay in a modest cabin for several days, weeks or months, at Arrowhead Property Rental in Lake Arrowhead, California, we offer lodging to fit all tastes and budgets — for individuals, couples, families and groups — all at great prices, with unbelievable amenities. Check out the possibilities. Don’t delay. Book today.

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