Come up to Lake Arrowhead to Ski or Play in the Snow

Snow Ski When meteorologists forecast snow in the local mountains, most Southern California folks feel drawn to head toward the powdery white stuff. But where can you go? Of course, if you ski or snowboard, you can head to a ski resort. But what if all you want to do is play in the snow? It is unsafe to park along the side of the highway, set up a barbecue and let your kids play in a turnout.

Several great resorts are located in the San Bernardino Mountains. But none may be as perfect for snow enthusiasts as Snow Valley. The perfect destination for snowboarding, skiing or simply enjoying ski-lifted snow play, Snow Valley Mountain Resort is located near Lake Arrowhead, right off Highway 18, in Running Springs. So schedule some time off work, book a fully-furnished Lake Arrowhead home, mountain cabin, lakefront house, condo, lake view home or spacious home near the lake through Arrowhead Property Rental. Whether you can only spare 24 hours or are able to set aside a week, month or longer, book your winter dream vacation.

Snow treeSnow Valley:

  • Located less than 15 miles from Lake Arrowhead Village
  • Situated at more than 6,000 feet elevation
  • Current average base depth is 12-24
  • The 2014/2015 Season Snowfall totals so far: 18-30 inches
  • Lessons available, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or a pro.
  • Night sessions available. Ski at night select dates throughout the season, usually at significantly reduced lift-ticket prices.
  • Perfect for anyone who could benefit from group lessons, mini-snowmobiles, or a “snow play” sledding area.

But before you head up to ski or play safely on the slopes, you need snow! Thankfully, even when Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate, Snow Valley has machine-groomed slopes. Before you head up the hill, inquire about road conditions. First, check out Snow Valley Conditions and follow that up with a check on NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).

SnowAlso important, there are several ski and board rental outlets and spots where you can purchase or rent gear near Lake Arrowhead and surrounding cities such as Running Springs and Arrowbear. So getting the right equipment is relatively easy.

Anytime of the year, vacationing in Lake Arrowhead is fun and affordable. But during the winter, snow-covered mountains showcase the beauty of the San Bernardino Mountains. Whether you’re looking to spend a single night of luxury with 20 of your closest friends with a gourmet kitchen or would prefer to stay in a modest cabin for several days, weeks or months, at Arrowhead Property Rental in Lake Arrowhead, California, we offer lodging to fit all tastes and budgets – for individuals, couples, families and groups — all at great prices, with unbelievable amenities. Check out the possibilities. Don’t delay. Book today.

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