Celebrate Thanksgiving in Lake Arrowhead

TurkeyOn the fourth Thursday in November each year, Americans gather for a day of feasting, football and family. Although the annual event is held to pay homage to the pilgrims’ successful migration to the new world, today’s Thanksgiving dinner menus bear little resemblance to the original 1621 harvest meal prepared by colonists to share with local Indians.

Little-known facts about the Culinary Colonist

  • Turkeys were hard to come by and far smaller than domestic birds commercially sold today.
  • Small birds were often spit-roasted.
  • Larger birds were boiled.
  • Some were boiled first, then roasted to finish them off.
  • It is possible that fowls were stuffed, though with onions and herbs or chestnuts instead of bread.
  • Now a Thanksgiving dinner staple, cranberries were actually used by Native Americans to treat arrow wounds and to dye clothes.
  • Bread was made from maize instead of wheat.
  • The remains of the day’s meals were thrown into a pot and boiled to make broth the next day. That broth was thickened with grain to make a pottage. So you could say the colonists invented the American leftover.
  • Seafood was a prominent part of the pilgrim diet…featuring eels and shellfish, like lobster, clams and mussels. A popular way to prepare seafood was to smoke it, for longevity.
  • The Wampanoag Indians taught the Pilgrims how to cultivate the land to grow crops.
  • The pilgrims didn’t use forks; they ate with spoons, knives, and their fingers.
  • A modern Thanksgiving dinner typically includes turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, candied yams, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. But, according to com, to create a historically accurate feast, one would offer much slimmer pickings: wildfowl, corn (in grain form for bread or porridge), venison and possibly, popcorn. And that’s about it. National Geographic reports that first meal to have included: deer, corn, shellfish, and roasted meat.

Thanksgiving 3Thanksgiving 2However you celebrate Thanksgiving, most people agree that the company and setting is far more important than the food. So why not consider gathering up your friends and family this year and heading up the mountain to celebrate in Lake Arrowhead? You can shop at one of the grocery or specialty stores once you arrive and cook an elaborate feast, prepare simple fare, or go out to a 5-star buffet.

Anytime of the year, vacationing in Lake Arrowhead is fun and affordable. But during the autumn, when the leaves are putting on a spectacular show, you can’t improve on the beauty of the San Bernardino Mountains. Whether you’re looking to spend a single night of luxury with 20 of your closest friends with a gourmet kitchen or would prefer to stay in a modest cabin for several days, weeks or months, at Arrowhead Property Rental in Lake Arrowhead, California, we offer lodging to fit all tastes and budgets – for individuals, couples, families and groups — all at great prices, with unbelievable amenities. Check out the possibilities. Don’t delay. Book today.

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