Summer in Lake Arrowhead


So you’re at work and wonder how you’ll be able to make it through the week. Here’s an idea: start planning a weekend getaway to Lake Arrowhead.

Nestled in the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains, Lake Arrowhead is often referred to as the Swiss Alps of southern California. With breathtaking vistas, fresh air and plenty of shops, restaurants and wilderness activities, you won’t believe how quick the drive was—for a vacation that takes you a world away from the madness and stress of valley-life below. What’s more, Lake Arrowhead is a bargain for virtually any budget.

Here are just a few things to look forward to in a Lake Arrowhead getaway:

Lakearrowhead-Tour-BoatBoat Tours
Despite the fact Lake Arrowhead is private, there are lots of ways to enjoy the water. Get a front row view seat aboard the Lake Arrowhead Queen. Tickets are available in Lake Arrowhead Village. Wind, rain or shine, the Queen motors around the entire lake. So you and family or friends can relax in the wind-protected comfort or the open air on the top deck, while a knowledgeable tour guide shares local trivia. If large crowds aren’t your thing, you can enjoy the lake from a smaller vessel on a sunset charter offered by the McKenzie Water Ski School. McKenzie also offers lots of water sport instruction from wakeboarding to waterskiing.

For fun, affordable family entertainment, head over to the all-new Rim Bowling & Entertainment Center located is located on Lake Drive, just minutes from Lake Arrowhead, in Crestline.

Enjoy fishing in Lake Arrowhead if you are staying as a guest of someone who has a pass. Several of the available units through Arrowhead Property Rental have this option. So if you are interested in hiking around Lake Arrowhead or fishing for trout, Kokanee Salmon, Bass, Catfish, Crappie, Sunfish and Carp from a private dock, ask your agent for information about relevant properties.


Enjoy the scenic beauty of the San Bernardino Mountains by hiking one of the myriad nature trails. If you secure an adventure pass, you will have access to lots of hiking trails—perfect for everyone from beginners to experienced trail blazers. Although fee waivers are currently being considered, for now, you need to buy a pass in order to enjoy the trails.

Rent a Red Box video at Stater Bros in Lake Arrowhead Village or see a show at the Blue Jay Cinema, which offers new releases.

Mountain Biking
Summer mountain biking can be a great thrill in the San Bernardino National Forest. Several cycling trails are available, which provide anywhere from 1/3 of a mile to 18 miles, in various grades and elevations.

water skiWater Skiing
With experienced instruction and safe equipment rentals, you can have fun on the water even if you don’t own property in Arrowhead Woods. Since Lake Arrowhead is private, you will be able to water ski if you take lessons or book through McKenzie Ski School, conveniently located in Lake Arrowhead Village.

To book your vacation in Lake Arrowhead, let us take a crack at turning it into a happy and memorable time. For your convenience, we are open seven days a week and are located in Lake Arrowhead Village on the upper level, overlooking the lake. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will guide you and anticipate your needs, whether you are vacationing or relocating to the area. Call today: (800) 244-5138 for special requests and dates or book online.

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