The Beauty of Lake Arrowhead: Come up for Air

City Skyline View from Country sideIf you’re trying to figure out where to go for summer vacation, consider Lake Arrowhead. Less than a two-hour drive to the kick-back calm of the beach, the glamour of Hollywood and the beauty of the desert, Lake Arrowhead and the surrounding communities are close enough for quick weekend trips but also a world away from real life, below. Still unconvinced? Check out the following perks you’ll enjoy on a vacation spent in the San Bernardino Mountains:

    • Air – Come up for a breath of fresh air. While smog levels choke the life out of Los Angelinos, you’ll find nothing but clear, clean air up here. The facts are undisputable. The air really is cleaner at 5,000 feet. Pollution makes breathing and exercising outdoors difficult, so outdoor activities are difficult in the summer in Southern California. In Lake Arrowhead, the air is fresh. So you’ll be able to avail yourself of great outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, walking trails, shopping, picnicking, and people-watching.
  • Value – You’ll get more bang for your buck in Lake Arrowhead. You’ll be surprised at the great vacation values, most of which feature beautiful appointments such as fireplaces, breathtaking views and T&G cathedral ceilings. Whatever your budget, you’ll maximize your vacation dollars when you spend them in Lake Arrowhead.
  • Room to relax. If you’re used to life in the busy city below, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how laid back it is in Lake Arrowhead. Come up for a breather—literally and figuratively. Leave your worries behind and embrace a place where there is room to stretch your legs.

If you own full-time or vacation rental space in Lake Arrowhead or the surrounding areas, consider letting the licensed agents at Arrowhead Property Rental manage your property. If you’re in the market for a great place to vacation in Lake Arrowhead, let us take a crack at turning it into a happy and memorable time. For your convenience, we are open seven days a week and are located in Lake Arrowhead Village on the upper level, overlooking the lake. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will guide you and anticipate your needs, whether you are vacationing or relocating to the area. Call today: (800) 244-5138 for special requests and dates or book online.

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